How did pudding appear and how will it develop further?

Christmas pudding.

Pudding is a traditional British meal, that was first introduced in 17th century. It may seem strange now, but first pudding were meat-based, whereas today pudding is rather a dessert. Since that time pudding became increasingly popular in British colonies and later on, Commonwealth countries.


A century after, in the 18th, meat was no longer present in pudding and it became more like a cake (although, some components were still boiled).

This change was a foundation of future development for pudding as dessert – more recipes were created where fruit and chocolate (which became increasingly popular) were added. What is interesting, we think that especially thanks to chocolate pudding is that popular today. Cocoa beans were no longer that expensive, and many more people could afford coffee and therefore, chocolate. This was a new spin in pudding’s history.

Today it’s an extremely popular dish not only in the UK, but all over the world. Modern trends in culinary suppose constant development, which makes history run another cycle – many puddings today have meat again!


Again, future development of culinary will mean that modern techniques of cooking will also apply to puddings – whether it’s molecular culinary or sous-vide.